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NovoTHOR Whole Body Recovery 
Improves recovery, reduces fatigue, relaxes muscles and increases blood flow
Beauty. Vitality. Longevity. Recovery. 
It's not a Tanning Bed,

How would you like to feel & look amazing from the inside out? You can. With our NovoTHOR Full Body Recovery System (aka Time Machine). It's not a tanning bed. Don't be fooled. 

Time Machines have been seen in movies and are considered fiction. Well, we've got one. So how will NovoTHOR change your life? 

Our cells age quickly due to stress and poor diet. This means we age from the inside out. Cellular aging is called oxidative stress and caused by free radicals (cells that are really just burglars stealing energy from other cells). All conditions we suffer from start with this process. But, science has proven that certain colors of light at specific intensities are absorbed at the cellular level. When this happens a process occurs that slows the oxidative stress and boosts ATP (our energy chemical). This restores the cell which cascades into limitless positive effects to the entire body. In fact, it's hard to find something that won't benefit from the use of the NovoTHOR. 

The award winning NovoTHOR is designed to deliver optimal wavelengths, power densities and dosages based on published clinical research outcomes. 


Who says you can not buy TIME?

Intended uses of PBM Therapy include:

  • Improved muscle performance

  • Restoration of motion to joints

  • Adjunct to obesity as part of a diet and exercise program

  • Decreased post exercise soreness

The clinically-proven benefits of red and near-infrared light are:

  • Less pain and inflammation

  • Earlier return to physical health

  • Faster rate of recovery after injury

  • Reduced fat and cardiometabolic risk factors

  • Less soreness after exercise, faster recovery from exercise

  • Anecdotal reports include: better sleep, less stress and less depression